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Josep Piella Vila (Spain)

Josep Piella Vila (Spain)
Josep Piella Vila was born in Barcelona (Spain) in 1970. He is a very talent poet. He has been awarded the first prize for the short story «Joan Mercader» in Castellterçol, also he is finalist in the 1st «Jaume Roig» Micropoetry Contest in Callosa d’en Sarrià.
He is the author of the collection of poems “Dioses de Agosto”, his first work was published in “the Poesía eres tú” publishing editor.
He was the winner of the 1st Ákaba Beach Poetry Prize with the collection of poems “El Caminante de Hojalata”
In May 2016, he published the collection of poems “All the corners of the world” with the publisher Playa de Ákaba.
He was the winner of the first prize in the solidarity anthology for the protection and defense of the Environment “Forest seeds” with the poem entitled “Arañazos”.
His latest publication has been “Permission to live” a book of poems and stories written by him and the writer Teresa Oteo.
BERLIN – 1975
She lives in the eastern part of the
city. He lives in the western.
Stones are thrown through the wall
with messages of love.
During the tour
At what moment become the stones
communists or capitalists?
Upon arrival at customs, a policeman opens
my luggage and starts confiscating things:
he says they can be used as a weapon;
he says it can be used as an explosive;
montblanc pen,
he says that with it I can slaughter even
a fly.
“I’m a writer,” I tell him.
-Then give me your notebook too-
He says that with it I can overthrow governments.
The siren sounds to get out
at playtime, It´s different from
the air raids
in its duration and in the punch
of the balls in the corridors.
A girl draws with chalk her
mother behind the goal
she died in the bombing of the
last week.
The little one is placed on her belly
in fetal form and close her eyes.
The duty of chalk is not only
calculating equations and conjugating
verbs but allow one to be born
several times.

Translated into English by Virginia Fernández Collado